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It’s A Fact

*“Seducing customers and evaluating emotions in electronic commerce”by Claire Dormann, Vrije University, The Netherlands
  • “It is believed that emotion plays a key role in e-commerce. In some purchasing situations, web pages need to be emotionally successful to fulfill their role.”
* “Effects of Color on emotions” by Patricia Valdez, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Vol 123, Dec 1994
  •  “Emotional reactions to color, hue, saturation, and brightness were investigated using the Pleasure-Arousal-Dominance emotional model. Saturation and Brightness evidenced strong and consistent effects on emotions”
*”The Four Dimensional Impact of Color on Shopper’s Emotions” by Malaika Brengman, Ghent University, Advances in Consumer Research, Vol31 ©2004 o
  • This study examines the suitability of using SAM (Self-Assessment-Manikin) for the emotional evaluation of web pages.