How To Order


  1. Use PAYPAL as your secure payment option.
  2. Contracting (see below) for multiple image enhancements during a 12 month period with a pre-payment as below (B)


  1. Select image or images from your files
  2. Add to email to us (as attachments) along with your requirements or special needs (size, pixel count, special colors, etc.) We emend, usually within two days, enhance, and/or correct all line-items as outlined in our web site under “PROCESS”. Image is returned via email attachment. Duplicate image is retained for 1 month.
  3. (A) After free image, for a non-yearly contract, the cost per individual complete image enhancement is $11.90 each image (payable with order)
  4. (B) After free image, If a 12 month contract is agreed to, the cost is:

$90 for each 12 image package ($7.50 each) thru the 12 consecutive month period or less

$155 for each 25 image package ($6.20 each) thru the 12 consecutive month period or less

This is payable to theIMAGEis, in advance, thru PAYPAL the term will be 12 months from date of receipt of payment

dated: 12/08/16

Costs for:

One Image enhanced* = $ 11.90 ea

Up to12 Images enhanced* 1 year contract = $ 90.00 ea

Up to 25 images enhanced* 1 year contract = $155.00 ea


  • One year contract starts with receipt of first image
  • Payment must be made using “Pay-Pal” to “theIMAGEis”.
  • Pay-Pal will notify us of receipt of funds
  • Contract term is for 12 months or max amount ordered.
  • *Enhanced covers all items listed under “PROCESS” in our web site, “Clipping” services are additional and based upon a quote from us.
  • “Exceptions” are listed under “CAVEATS” at end of web page
  • Our artistic talent is non-negotiable. Within 30 days from return to you, other errors will be corrected at no charge.
  • All transactions and correspondence are handled using E-Mail direct to:

Please confirm your acceptance and understanding, by e-mailing to me at ( with your name, date, and the words “I accept CONTRACT #33127 dated 12/08/16”

A free single image enhancement is yours for evaluation. Send your image as attachment to e-mail. Mark it “FREE!”